Rienk 18 augustus 2012
Hello peoplez!! so I was at the Israel border from Jordan. They stopped me and send be back after I told them I had 13 Dinar.
"So little? You will live on the streets! We don't want you in Jerusalem. Go back to Jordan!" So I went to the dead sea and tried to walk along the north route. A hotelsecurity called the police and I was in jail pretty fast. After 20 days they came to the conclusion that I was not going on my own accord so they payed a ticket back to holland and send me under police escort to the airport.
4 months traveling to get to within 2 days of my goal, they send me back in 5 hours flying back. Amazing cherry on the cake called irony. But yeah, c'est la vie! :) They treated me very good! Muslims rule! They are how the Christians should be in Holland. (Be watchfull!) but they are falling asleep. I want to thank everybody for helping me along the road! I met so many wonderful people!! The whole trip has been worth it (for me anyway) and I love you all! God be with you, keep peace in your hearts and we will live in it for a 1000 years!
Peace, truth, wisdom and happyness to you all.
"Mister policeman, can my friend have a sigaret?"
"why should I give him a sigaret?"
"because he is a good man"
"just because he is a good man, I should give him a sigaret?"
"Has there ever been a better reason to give anybody, anything?"
Policeman walks away, annoyed. Other policeman sticks a sigaret through the opening; 'here'.
As I turn my back the annoyed policeman comes back and sticks a second sigaret through the hole. 'Here'
I love this. :D Peace people! kiss kiss


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