Update 02-07-2012

Yes, well, so to make a long story short. I traveled to the Syrian in full conviction that God will help me across this bumb in the road. I come there, no problem. 'No money?' also no problem. 'Where do you go?' I say: Jeruzalem. 'Israel? F**K ISRAEL' :S I am flabberghasted! So they try to send me away! I say: I would rather be arrested in Syria then go back on my journey. So I sit down on the ground. After some heated argument amongst the guards, two man come and pick me up and place me JUST outside of the Syrian border in Turkey. I say: I will sit here untill something happens. I sit there for 5 days. (Nice to get some rest and people kept feeding me!) Bless the Turks! They are so generous! Smugglers were coming by every day and i got to know some of em. :D After 5 days i realized that Israel would act the same way and with a Syrian Visa in my passport, all would be lost!! I would NEVER enter Israel. So i got up and i left for Merşin to try and get a boat. The other way would take me through Iran and I don't have to tell you how they would react to the word Israel! :P Peace be with you all, praying helps, God is Spirit and the Body counts for nothing. Laterzz! :D


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