Rienk 16 Juli 2012
Done working now! Woohoo! Just arrived back in Merşin this mourning. Asked around and there is a boat to Beirut at 20.00 this evening. They started the ferry again about 2 months ago, so i was told. So lucky me, lucky me and lucky me! :) There is a big angel on my shoulder! xD All I have to do now is take the bus to Tuşucu and everything is peachy! God bless Heysem and Gokhan for giving me the opportunity to raise to money nessessery. (let the record show they were more then willing to give me everything for free) Next stop, Libanon! 
8 juli 2012
Still working (yes, for money :S) to pay for my way to either Beirut or Cypress/Israel. I really feel that I want to continue my journey, although they people who gave me the job also took me in and are fantastic hosts. Thnx Eysan and Gokhan and fam! 
The exact spot where I spend 5 days. My Syrian Visa demand. Aah sweet memories! :P 


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